Frequently Asked Questions:


  • How do Sunbolt workstations collect solar energy and turn it into usable energy?

  • How many devices can a Sunbolt charge?

  • Can Sunbolts still charge devices when it’s not sunny?

  • What kind of maintenance does a Sunbolt require?

business resources for solar energy

There are many online resources available for companies looking to add Sunbolts to their outdoor space. For organizations looking to purchase sustainable charging stations to refer to the following links.

Under “Select a Module” choose “Suniva” from the Mfg drop-down list.Under “Select a Module” choose “OPT265-60-4 40mm” from the Model drop-down list.Under “Layout” use the sliders to so the square layout is at (2) rows and (1) column.Scroll to the bottom of the page. Under “Describe the Location” type in your zip code. Hit enter, and your city and wind rating will appear next to where you typed in your zip code.

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