Charging a Phone While Camping at a Solar Table

Welcome to Sunbolt, where we bring the power of the sun to your camping experience. We understand the importance of staying connected even when you're enjoying the great outdoors.

Our solar tables, stand-ups, and carousels provide campers and campground operators with reliable and sustainable charging solutions, ensuring that your mobile devices never run out of power. Keep your guests connected and enhance their camping experience with Sunbolt's solar charging stations.

How to charge your phone while camping:

  • Install one of the Sunbolt solar power stand up charging stations near your campground location
  • Use the power of sunlight collected on the panels to charge your phone, laptop, or other devices
Phone Charging Station for Events & Businesses
Commercial Charging Station for Phones

Campgrounds Can Offer Solar Charging Without Access to Electricity

Embrace the power of solar energy and provide your campers with a reliable charging solution, even in the most remote locations. With Sunbolt's solar charging stations, campgrounds can offer convenient device charging without the need for traditional electrical infrastructure.


Our solar picnic tables, stand-ups, and carousels are designed to withstand the elements while providing campers with a dependable and eco-friendly source of power. Enhance your campground amenities and keep your guests connected with Sunbolt's innovative solar charging solutions.

Campers Can Charge Their Phone in the Wilderness - How to Provide an Outlet

Sunbolt's solar charging stations are the perfect solution for campers seeking to stay connected while enjoying the serenity of the wilderness. Our solar-powered tables, stand-ups, and carousels provide a convenient and reliable way to charge mobile devices, ensuring that campers never miss an important call or lose access to vital information.


By incorporating Sunbolt's solar charging solutions into your campground, you can offer your guests a unique and valuable service that sets you apart from the competition. Experience the benefits of harnessing solar energy with Sunbolt's sustainable and user-friendly charging stations.

Multiple Device Charging Kiosk for Indoor and Outdoor Events

Discover the Sunbolt difference and transform your camping experience with our cutting-edge solar charging stations. Whether you're a camper in search of a reliable power source or a campground operator looking to enhance your amenities, Sunbolt has the perfect solution for you. Explore our range of solar tables, stand-ups, and carousels, and embrace the power of the sun for your next outdoor adventure.

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