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Destruction often breeds creation.

In the devastating aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, Ian Jones watched as over 8 million homes lost power in 17 states. As thousands of people drained their car batteries just to charge their phones, Ian instinctively recognized the need for an off-grid solution that would provide electricity during major power outages.

That’s when Ian conceived the idea for his first solar charging station:
The ConnecTable.

The product instantly became popular among the university sector and over 30 ConnecTables were installed throughout the University of California school system.

Forever forward thinkers, Ian and his business partner Jim Innes – a longtime friend and cycling teammate from the University of Pennsylvania – pedaled hard to grow both the product and the business. Quickly finding themselves at the intersection of an unprecedented solar energy boom and the inevitable proliferation of mobile devices, Ian and Jim did what they do best – innovate.

By infusing new technology, new minds, and new thinking, the product line evolved from charging docks to outdoor workstations — and more as the company was transformed from The ConnecTable to Sunbolt.
Today, Sunbolt has installed workstations throughout the United States and Mexico and continues to be a leader in the renewable energy community.

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