• How do Sunbolt workstations collect solar energy and turn it into usable energy?

    Sunbolt uses four industry-standard, commercial quality photo-voltaic (PV) panels. These panels capture the sun’s energy in the form of photons which are then converted by individual silicon solar cells into direct current photo-voltaic (PV) power at varying voltages. The charge controller, inverter, and battery bank housed within the table structure process and condition the power to feed to multiple USB and 120V AC power outlets. The sun’s energy is stored in the battery and supplies a continual feed of power captured from the sun for whenever needed.

  • How long does it take a Sunbolt to charge?

    The Sunbolt’s battery system needs 2-3 hrs/day of direct sunlight to be fully charged from a partial discharge state.

  • How many devices can a Sunbolt charge?

    With a full battery and depending on the model, a Sunbolt can charge between 50-150 smartphones with battery capacity in the 10-100% range per day.

  • How quickly can a device charge on a Sunbolt?

    Sunbolt charging stations can charge a smartphone at the same rate as a typical 120V AC outlet.

  • Can Sunbolts still charge devices when it’s not sunny?

    The essential purpose of our Sunbolt models is to provide power on a steady 24/7/365 basis. As long as the station receives the equivalent of 6 hours of full sun over every 3 day period, users can rely on it to meet that reliability objective.

    The battery is paired with a high-quality charge controller that regulates current received from the panels and helps maximize the power to the battery to achieve optimal and efficient energy storage. Our fully engineered system is robust enough to enable the stations to be used even during days with less-than-perfect weather.

    Even if there is minimal sunlight available, the solar panels convert that energy into usable electric power which is then stored in the battery. Depending on how often the workstation is used, it will hold a charge for multiple overcast days.

  • Will the workstation operate safely in all weather conditions?

    Yes. At Sunbolt we take safety very seriously. All 120V outlets are rated for outdoor use, are National Electrical Code (NEC) -compliant, and GFCI protected and include protective weatherproof covers. When it comes to function, only very extreme conditions (i.e., excessive flooding) would impact a Sunbolt’s ability to continue to operate.

  • What kind of maintenance does a Sunbolt require?

    Sunbolts require very little maintenance. Like any piece of outdoor furniture, accumulated outdoor airborne dust and pollen on the surface of the table and the solar panels may need to be wiped or washed down from time to time. We also recommend periodic inspection and maintenance as outlined in the warranty.

  • What kind of outlets do Sunbolts feature?

    Campus XL: (4) 120V; (8) USB
    Momentum: (4) 120V; (8) USB
    Velocity: (2)120V; (4) USB
    Dash: (6) USB