A New World of Solar Power Education.

Sunbolt’s STEM system utilizes STEM principles to educate
students on energy generation and consumption through
hands-on, solar-based experiments.

  • An educational platform that combines theoretical knowledge with interactive experience in solar energy
  • Offers students the opportunity to engage in real-time demonstrations and experiments
  • Includes ideas for lesson plans that utilize the Sunbolt STEM system
  • Utilizes remote monitoring features that provide remote access to the system’s data and performance
  • Has multiple digital readers that allow students to track energy generation and consumption from various, everyday devices
Phone Charging Station for Events & Businesses

Fun and Approachable
Arcade Design

120V and USB-A/USB-C
Fast Charging Outlets

Interactive Components
For Hands-On Learning

Components List

  • One (1) Cerbo GX Communication Device
  • One (1) GX Touch Screen with Remote Monitoring
  • One (1) 250VA 12-Volt 120V AC Pure Sine Wave Inverter
  • One (1) 15A MPPT Charge Controller with Built-In Bluetooth
  • Two (2) 23ah Lithium Batteries
  • Five (5) Circuit Breakers: One (1) AC 15A, Three (3) DC 15A, & One (1) DC 50A
  • One (1) GFCI Outlet
  • Two (2) 36w USB-A/USB-C Fast Charging Outlets
  • Three (3) DC Power Meter Displays
  • One (1) AC Power Meter Display
  • Two (2) Interactable Lights: One (1) LED & One (1) Incandescent
  • One (1) Solar Panel

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