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Welcome to Sunbolt, your premier contract solar furniture supplier. We specialize in providing businesses and organizations with cutting-edge solar charging solutions that seamlessly blend functionality and style.


Our range of solar tables, umbrellas, and charging stations ensure that your clients and guests stay connected while enjoying the great outdoors. Partner with us for sustainable, reliable, and aesthetically pleasing solar furniture designed to elevate your space.

Phone Charging Station for Events & Businesses
Commercial Charging Station for Phones

Outsource Installation of Solar Tables & Umbrellas

At Sunbolt, our workstations and stand-ups are delivered fully assembled, and can be easily installed efficiently and securely.


Our solar furniture is designed for easy integration into various outdoor settings such as cafes, parks, and corporate campuses.

Order Contract Charging Station Furniture for Cell Phones and Laptops

In today's digital age, it's essential to keep your clients and guests connected. Our contract charging station furniture provides the perfect solution for powering cell phones, laptops, and other devices while they relax and enjoy your outdoor space. Our solar-powered charging stations are not only visually appealing but also environmentally friendly, using the sun's energy to provide clean and renewable power.


Choose from our diverse range of solar charging tables, umbrellas, and stand-up stations to create an inviting and energy-efficient outdoor space that meets the needs of your clients and guests. Partner with GoSunBolt to elevate your business with innovative and sustainable solar furniture solutions.

Multiple Device Charging Kiosk for Indoor and Outdoor Events

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