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Sunbolt Solar Charging Stations power productivity using the world’s most dependable resource, the sun. Designed and built with a quality and sustainability-first attitude, each product is made from architectural-grade, eco-friendly materials.

With multiple charging outlets, customizable branding options and outstanding durability, Sunbolt workstations deliver reliable power that will enhance any outdoor space. They are ideal as a charging station for cell phones, multiple smart phone docking, laptops, and other electronics that require a power supply. These solar power canopy innovations are used on college and business campuses around the globe!

Choose from Sunbolt’s suite of solar workstations.

sunbolt shines in all environments

“We did a lot of research on solar tables…we liked that the Sunbolt continues to function in the rain and does not have to be bolted down.." - Tatiana Sokolova, UVA

featured case study Borderland Mountain Bike Association

“The Sunbolt makes the trailhead appear more official and adds a certain flavor to the site…”

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