Sunbolt Solar Picnic tables

Pavilion Carousel

The Pavilion is a classic, perforated metal seating design that doubles as an off-grid solar-powered charging station.

  • Punched metal design with backed seats
  • Round table, seating for 3-6
  • ADA Accessible for 3,4,5 seat options.
  • 3 Dual USB Chargers and a battery voltage meter
  • 185 MPH wind-speed rated when bolted to a concrete pad
  • Low maintenance with a 10-20 year expected service life
  • Wide range of steel powder coat colors to choose from
  • Option to add logo/branding
  • Assembly Required
  • Solar Umbrella has punched aluminum top panels, steel flat bar supports, four 25W PV Solar Module Panels (100W) solar array and two (2) 5 amp-hour Lithium Iron Phosphate Batteries

Financing available.

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