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Sunbolt’s best-selling workstation is perfect for studying, socializing, and keeping everyone in charge. Equipped with 4 120V and 8 USB ports, the CampusXL is a powerful hub that is sure to make a statement on campus.

It is built with the highest solar output on the market and fully customizable to add your own branding. Power up your campus with this original Sunbolt workstation. Comes with a two bench setup.

  • Highest solar output on the market – 1.2 kw
  • LED lighting
  • 4 120V and 8 USB outlets
  • 2 Wireless Qi Chargers
  • Long lasting, durable structure
  • Fully customizable from top to bottom
  • 75-150 charges/day
  • 130 MPH wind-rating
  • 6 hours of sunlight to maintain full capacity
  • ADA accessible

Base price: $15,450.

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The Momentum is an innovative workstation that looks great in any environment. With its sleek, modern aesthetic and architectural cast concrete design, this workstation was created to endure the most extreme weather conditions – up to a 160-mph wind rating.

  • Highest solar output on the market – 1.2 kW
  • LED lighting
  • 4 120V and 8 USB outlets to keep you charged
  • 2 Wireless Qi Chargers
  • Multiple bench options
  • 75-150 charges/day
  • 160 mph wind-rated structure
  • Durable, low-maintenance surfaces
  • Powder coated structural steel
  • ADA accessible

Base price: $13,450.

* The benches shown are the optional Custom Concrete Plaza benches.

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Increase your speed of productivity with the Velocity solar workstation. This compact yet powerful hub sports a 170-mph wind rating while utilizing a range of eco-friendly materials, keeping in line with all Sunbolt products.

  • 660 watts of power
  • 170 mph wind-rated structure
  • Multiple bench options
  • LED lighting
  • Highly durable materials
  • 75-150 charges/day
  • 2 120V and 4 USB electrical outlets
  • 2 Wireless Qi Chargers
  • Powder coated structural steel
  • ADA accessible

Base price: $10,450.

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The Dash solar workstation is the perfect solution to charge and go. This stand-up station is suitable for any outdoor space.

Long-lasting, durable design with 6 USB charging ports, this solar powered station can be found all over the country at outdoor trade shows, campuses, malls, conferences, and more. Add modern convenience in the most sustainable way!

  • 6 high-speed USB charging ports
  • 1 Wireless Qi Charger
  • 50-75 charges/day
  • Powder coated structural steel
  • 150 watts of power
  • Long lasting, durable design
  • Stand-up charging station
  • ADA Accessible
  • Customize with a logo or mascot

Starting at $4,450.

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Pavilion Carousel

The Pavilion is a perforated steel carousel furniture design that doubles as an off-grid solar-powered charging station. This attractive table, seating, and parasol unit has an integrated system for charging smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices.

  • Fully engineered, perforated steel, commercial-grade structure
  • 4x 25W PV Solar Module Panels (100W) solar array
  • Two (2) 5 amp-hour Lithium Iron Phosphate Batteries
  • 3 Dual USB Chargers and a battery voltage meter
  • 187 MPH wind-speed rated when bolted to a concrete pad
  • Low maintenance with a 10-20 year expected service life
  • Multiple table options, seating three to six
  • Wide range of powder coat steel colors
  • Average of 40 hand-held mobile device charges/day
  • ADA Accessible (for certain seating configurations)

Starting at: $7,400

Table and seating are also available without solar parasol. Starting at: $3,450

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