Sunbolt's Stand-up Solar Charging Stations provide convenient charging for any outdoor space.


This stand-up charging station combines high power and durability with the convenience of a compact design. Read more...


This stand-up charging station merges sleek and solar to provide on-the-go charging for any outdoor area. Read more...

Sunbolt Solar Stand-up Charging Stations are equipped with LED lighting, tabletops, and multiple charging ports to provide convenient outdoor charging for trails, parks, outdoor dining areas, campuses, and much more. 


The Dash solar charging station is suitable for any outdoor space and the perfect solution to charge and go.

Long-lasting, durable design with USB and USB-C charging ports, this stand-up solar charging station can be utilized at restaurants, shopping centers, boardwalks and more.  Add modern convenience in the most sustainable way!

  • 150 watt solar panel 
  • 30” marine-grade polymer table top 
  • Four dual port USB/USB-C outlets, including fast-charging ports
  • LED Lighting
  • One Qi Wireless Charger
  • 50-75 charges/day
  • Powder coated structural steel
  • Long lasting, durable design
  • ADA Accessible
  • Fully customizable with logos and/or graphics
  • Financing available
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The Sprint Stand-up Solar Charging Station is suitable for a wide range of outdoor areas from parks and trails to restaurants and stadiums, bringing a fresh feel to outdoor mobile device charging.

This long-endurance solar-powered charging station provides power for smartphones, tablets, and other hand-held devices. It’s equipped with LED lighting, a tabletop, and USB/USB-C charging outlets.

  • 100 watt solar panel
  • 24” marine-grade polymer table top
  • 4 dual port fast-charging USB/USB-C outlets
  • LED Lighting
  • Powder-coated cast alloy aluminum post
  • Long-lasting, durable design
  • ADA Accessible
  • Customize with a logo or graphic
  • Financing available
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