The Momentum is an innovative workstation that looks great in any environment. With its sleek, modern aesthetic and architectural cast concrete design, it is built to endure the most extreme weather conditions. This workstation is equipped with 120V, USB and USB-C outlets, Qi Wireless Chargers, LED lighting and two detached benches.

  • Highest solar output on the market – 1.3 kW
  • Architectural cast concrete table top and benches
  • Powder coated structural steel
  • LED lighting
  • Six 120V outlets
  • Five dual port USB/USB-C outlets, including fast charging ports
  • Two Qi Wireless Chargers
  • Multiple bench options
  • 75-150 charges/day
  • 160 mph, self-ballasted wind-rating
  • Durable, low-maintenance surfaces
  • ADA Accessible*
  • Financing available

* Momentum is fully ADA Accessible with side access to controls and workspace. Optional workspace modification available to provide front access.

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