A solar, “Social Recharge” for students at Western Arizona University

, A solar, “Social Recharge” for students at Western Arizona University, Sunbolt

On-the-go students with a long day of classes often need last minute charging for their electronic devices.  In lieu of searching for a wall outlet in a building, outdoor solar charging stations enable students to sit comfortably outside and chat with friends while rapidly recharging any of their devices.

A Solar, “Social Recharge” on university campuses

Students are a perfect audience for solar charging stations given their social life, heavy reliance on cellphones and movement around the campus between classes.  It is common for students to meet-up at a station, enjoy a beverage and conversation while charging their devices.

The Momentum solar charging workstation includes a high performance solar array of more than 1 Kilowatt, brilliant nighttime LED lighting (for charging at night), powerful 120V and USB outlets for charging, a robust design with multiple bench options, the capacity for 75-150 (iPhone 6 or 7 equivalent) mobile charges/day and (4) 120V and (8) USB electrical outlets.

New Installations around the country

Some of the newest Sunbolt installations include Cal State (Fullerton), Stockton University, Franklin & Marshall College, NJIT, East Carolina University and the City of El Paso.

Built tough for heavy use, all weather conditions and a minimum lifetime of 30 + years

Sunbolt’s architectural designs are built as fully engineered commercial grade structures, hardened for public use and low maintenance with a minimum service life of 30 years. Each is a magnet for anyone with electronic devices who needs a recharge, with new technology that provides a broader range of designs, features, options and price points.



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