Earth Day 2023 – Educational Activities for Children & Schools


Earth Day is more than an annual celebration; it is a day of community. It is a day where we all join in to honor previous achievements while working towards setting new goals and learning new ways to improve the Earth. To help in these efforts, Sunbolt has compiled games and fun downloadable activities that will engage children while educating.

Nature Scavenger Hunt


Download Sunbolt’s Scavenger List here

Crayon, Marker, or Pencil


Hand every child a scavenger list.

Start the nature walk.



Have fun!

Nature Walk Collage 

, Earth Day 2023 – Educational Activities for Children & Schools, Sunbolt



Anything they can find


Recyclable Paper or Cardboard


Begin with a nature hike, allowing the children to find items in nature to use for an art project.

Once items are collected, allow children to use paper or cardboard as their canvas and glue to hold their creations in place.


Be creative.

Tic Tac Toe Relay Race (3-11 Players per board)

, Earth Day 2023 – Educational Activities for Children & Schools, Sunbolt


Colorful sidewalk chalk

10 Stones


Locate 10 stones approximately 4-6 inches in a diameter.

Use the Chalk to draw an “X” on five stones and an “O” on five stones.

Use the Chalk to make a large tic tac toe box.

Draw a starting line 20 feet away from the tic tac toe box.


Divide players to have two even teams (up  to 5 players per team per box). One side will have the “X”stones. The other side will have the “O” stones.

One person acts as the referee. This person will yell “go” to begin the race.

Players will race to the Tic Tac Toe box and place a stone. Once the player returns to the line, the next player on their team can place a stone. This will continue until one team gets three in a row or there’s a draw.

Referee will announce the winner.

Printable activities for K-12 students

Color a fun sign at school for home

Download here

A lot of energy is wasted by forgetting to turn off lights when exiting a room. This fun activity will act as a reminder to help change habits. Encourage students to think about other signs they can create that can be placed around their homes or schools to help preserve energy and reduce waste.

Coloring Pages




Sunbolt Solar Workstations and Charging Solutions are powered by the world’s most dependable resource, the sun. These coloring pages will be a fun way to introduce how the sun’s energy can be transformed into electricity. 

An amazing maze

Download here

Use this maze to discuss the importance of sunlight and plant growth. 

Word Search.

Word Search

Word Search K

Challenge your students with a word search puzzle that will introduce words related to Earth Day and sustainability. If these are new words for your students, this will also create the perfect opportunity to create an Earth Day Vocabulary List to learn from.

This Earth Day, make sure to add some fun to your celebrations. If you participate in any of these amazing activities, we would love to hear about it. Email us your artwork and photos at or tag us @GoSunbolt and we will feature them on our social media pages.