Grant Opportunities for 2023 – Consider Outdoor Solar Charging Solutions

Grant Opportunities for 2022 – Consider Outdoor Charging Solutions

Outdoor working, dining, and learning solutions have become a growing trend. Countless businesses, schools, libraries, restaurants, and other entities have adopted these practices to keep their doors open. With America’s progressive response to the Covid-19 pandemic, worldwide grant programs have been initiated to aid the advancements and adaptations to a large variety of business types.

Sunbolt has welcomed the challenge of helping these businesses, schools, libraries and other entities by providing outdoor solutions for their staff, customers, community, and students with an assortment of solar charging workstations that the grants listed below may qualify for.  Feel free to reach out to us as we continue to update the list. 

Consider Sunbolt Solar Workstations!

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National Grants

Captain Planet Foundation, Grants

This is currently closed but sign-up is available to receive Grant notifications.

Stay up to date with The Captain Planet Foundation grants here.

CCDI Grant (Libraries)

Not Currently Accepting Applications, No Confirmation on Renewal – Bookmark this Page for Future Updates

The Connecting Communities Digital Initiative (CCDI) Grant combines libraries with technology to encourage digital programs for Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) communities. The program is open to US-based, non-profit libraries, archives, and museums. CCDI also supports a grant for Higher Education.

EBSCO Solar Grant – (Libraries)

This program accepts applications from any US Library that is interested in any Solar Installation Project that can reduce electricity costs. $300,000 in grant funding will be distributed. The estimated deadline for the next cycle is 4/29/2023. For more information, see here.

IMLS Grant (Museums and Libraries)

Not Currently Accepting Applications or Renewals – Bookmark this Page for Future Updates

The CARES Act has distributed funds for many organizations. The Institute of Museum and Library Services have received a large amount of those funds allowing funding opportunities in the range of $25,000 to $500,000 depending on your state and municipality. These funds can be used in various ways to help museums and libraries respond to the coronavirus pandemic. Some libraries have used these funds to incorporate outdoor learning spaces. To see what your state offers visit: IMLS CARES Act Grants for Museums and Libraries.

NEEF Grants

NEEF Grants  offer multiple grants for outdoor activities, outdoor learning, and outdoor adventures. You can sign up here to join their email list. The combined awards are nearly $700,000.

Outdoor Learning Grants

There are tons of Government Programs and Funding for Outdoor Learning and Schoolyard Greening listed by state with awards ranging from $1,000 to $25,000.

Playground Grants

There are many available grants to help you enhance your playground. Some of those enhancements may include solar powered devices that add educational aspects to the playing experience while offering additional seating with ADA accessibility. Find your state and see the available grants in your area here: Grants For Playground Equipment, Solar Powered Playground Seating, Play & Park Structures

Casey’s Grant

Cash for Classrooms Grant Program

Grant recipient announcement will be March 1 through April 30, 2023

All K-12 public and nonprofit private schools in the states of AR, IA, IL, IN, KS, KY, MI, MN, MO, NE, ND, OH, OK, SD, TN, and WI are eligible. Grants will range from $3,000 to $50,000 and must be used within 12 months of being rewarded. Grants can be used for physical enhancements, outdoor classrooms, technology advancements, etc. For more information visit Casey’s Cash for Classrooms Grant Program.

RAISE Discretionary Grants

Deadline for applications will be February 28, 2023

“The U.S. Department of Transportation has published a Notice of Funding Opportunity (NOFO) for $1.5 billion in grant funding through the Rebuilding American Infrastructure with Sustainability and Equity (RAISE) discretionary grant program for 2023. The popular program helps communities around the country carry out projects with significant local or regional impact.” For more information visit RAISE Discretionary Grants | US Department of Transportation.

Grants By State


RC&D Grant

Applications are accepted every year between April 1 to June 30.

RC&D creates funding opportunities for any non-profit organizations in all 67 counties of Alabama. Funds can be awarded under two categories: Education Fund Project and General Fund Project, the amount awarded can vary. Hartselle native locates sandstone barren, secures $8k grant for outdoor classroom with this grant. Visit Grants – Alabama RC&D Councils for more information and to apply.


Outdoor Dining Grant

Not Currently Accepting Applications, No Confirmation on Renewal – Bookmark this Page for Future Updates

This program is designed to provide restaurants located in low to moderate income areas with $5,000 to purchase outdoor furniture that will allow them to operate safely. The total amount available for this program is $2,000,000. For more information visit Outdoor Dining Grants for Chicago Restaurants.


ORLPP Grant 

The Outdoor Recreation Legacy Partnership Grant Program (ORLPP) ranges from $300,000-$5,000,000 and can be used to acquire parkland, build a new park, create outdoor workspaces, enhance playgrounds or renovate an existing park. The grant is provided by the state of Massachusetts and supports communities lacking park recreation resources. 


Outdoor Seating Grant

Not Currently Accepting Applications, No Confirmation on Renewal – Bookmark this Page for Future Updates

The city of Milwaukie offered $1,000 grants to put towards future purchases that will enhance outdoor seating for local restaurants and small businesses. The goal of this grant was to help businesses adapt to COVID-19 restrictions set forth by the Oregon Health Authority. For more information you can visit the Milwaukie Outdoor Seating Grant Official Website.


CPNRD Grants

If you’re in the state of Nebraska and interested in starting an Outdoor Classroom, check out Outdoor Nature Classroom Programs . They are offering up to $2,500 to put towards the expansion of an outdoor classroom for your school. They have two separate grant programs, Kearney Public Schools Foundation Fund and the Stick Creek Kids Child Development Center Fund. They have three separate grant programs: School Outdoor Classroom Grant, Community Outdoor Classroom Grant, and the Mini Classroom Grant.

North Carolina

Outdoor Heritage Grant

In North Carolina, Outdoor Heritage offers a NC Schools Go Outside grant that offers up to $15,000 for on-campus learning centers/structures. This grant can include the purchase of a Sunbolt Solar Workstation or multiple Sunbolt Solar Stand-up Charging Stations to help take your outdoor classroom to the next level by offering solar powered laptop and other mobile device charging that can accompany existing seating or provide additional seating. For more information visit Grants | Outdoor Heritage Advisory Council.

Placemaking Grant

Applications due by March 3, 2023

The Placemaking Grant program is a community building initiative for the City of Charlotte to create and enhance community vibrancy, safety, and identity by transforming unused or underutilized spaces. The total amount awarded will be $125,000. Awarded grants will be in the range of $1000 and $25,000. For more information visit Placemaking Grant (


Gray Family Foundation Grant

Applications due by March 31, 2023

The Gray Family Foundation offers an Environmental Education Grant to help communities around the state of Oregon expand their outdoor learning capabilities. This grant awards $5,000-$25,000 to schools and organizations with the interest of offering outdoor learning spaces and outdoor classrooms to their school districts.

The goal of this program is to offer an innovative way to help their state push through the effects of the pandemic by investing in ways to reduce risk to students and educators, while increasing educational options and offering alternative learning solutions. This outdoor learning grant can also be used for playgrounds, parks, or natural areas. For more information contact Program Officer, Nell Tessman, at


PPL Major Grant

Accepting Applications Fall of 2023, Date TBA

The Pennsylvania Power & Light Corporation has started its next grant cycle that focuses on major new initiatives and expansion programs. This grant will support nonprofit organizations working to improve education, addressing diversity, equity, and inclusion. Applicants can apply for $25,000 to $100,000. To apply, please visit here and for more information, visit the PPL Website.

PPL Empowering Educators Grant

Application cycle starts August 2023

This PPL Grant is awarded annually for the empowerment of educators that bring innovative ideas to the classroom that sparks creativity in their students. The program is designed to help K-12 teachers enhance the classroom experience in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM). Award amounts vary up to $50,000, to apply please visit here and for more information, visit the PPL Website.


TOP Grant

Grant Contracts start July 1, 2022 to June 30, 2023

The Tennessee State Library will be providing grant opportunities to public libraries all across the state. The Training Opportunities for the Public (TOP) Grant will be available to fund:

  • Training
  • Hotspots
  • Internal Connections
  • Digital Navigators pilot project

Applications have been closed for this grant but funds will be distributed until June 30, 2023 with an awarded amount of up to $20,000. Population will determine how much the library can qualify for. If your library has already applied for this grant, a great way to utilize these funds to its fullest potential is to purchase a hotspot ready solar charging table from Sunbolt. For more information on this grant please visit the Tennessee Secretary of State’s website.

Rhode Island

Rhode Island Foundation Community Grant

Applications due March 15, 2023

This grant will be available for non-profit organizations in the state of Rhode Island. The program will provide funds up to $10,000 for community-making efforts that will enhance the role of shared public spaces as community anchors. For more information about the criteria and considerations for this grant please visit 2023 Rhode Island Foundation Community Grant


RTP Grant

Applications due January 2023

If you are in the state of Vermont and interested in adding Sunbolt’s Sprint Stand-up Solar Charging Station to trails, parks or hiking areas, the Recreational Trails Program grant may be the one for you. The grant is eligible for municipalities, non-profit organizations, and government facilities.

You may qualify for this program if you have an interest in adding amenities such as trail lighting, kiosks, signage, or any structure that can be placed along the trail. States with the ability to use 5% of their annual budget for educational projects qualify for amenities that are also environmental, multifunctional and/or ADA accessible.

To see if your state qualifies and for additional information, visit the Recreational Trails Program Guidance Page. Applicants may apply for up to $50,000 but must be willing to match a minimum of 20% of the project’s cost.

These are just a few of the available grant sources for funding your outdoor needs. Most of the grants can help you purchase at least one of Sunbolt’s Solar charging stations. The durability and usability of the workstations will last many years, turning the grant award into a very good investment! As previously mentioned, Sunbolt is continuously researching grants for our community and customers, and welcome you to reach out anytime for more information.  Contact the Sunbolt Team.