Outdoor Classroom Ideas With Sunbolt Solar Tables

outdoor classroom workstations

Creating an outdoor classroom for your students can be a fun and innovative way to encourage both time outside and to teach them about sustainability.

The following graphics show some outdoor classroom ideas for high school or college students that require power for their laptops, phones, and other devices.

During the pandemic, many schools needed a solution that would help them move students to a safer environment. We helped them evaluate their location to install what was most appropriate for their needs.

outdoor classroom plan

At Sunbolt, we have created a variety of outdoor workstations that many schools and universities have already implemented.

Our most popular unit, the CampusXL, is equipped with six 120 volt outlets, 5 USB ports, 5 USB-C ports, 2 Qi wireless chargers and two attached benches, making it the ideal workspace for an outdoor classroom. The workstation is highly durable, fabricated with powder-coated structural steel and has a 130 mph wind-rating.

Students sit outside while working on their assignments.

The Momentum and Velocity models offer sleek designs and detached bench options for your outdoor classroom.

We also have charging solutions for campuses looking to incorporate outdoor classroom furniture into already existing shaded or covered patio areas.

The Velocity or Momentum workstations can be purchased without the solar canopy and components, providing outdoor charging stations that can be powered by an existing electrical grid.

outdoor classrooms
outdoor classroom under canopy

Tables wired to existing school infrastructure.

Looking for more of an “umbrella” look?

Our line of Solar Carousels are attractive table, seating, and solar parasol units, equipped with USB ports to charge mobile devices.

The carousel systems are available in 16 different table and seating configurations, and in three different formats: table/seating with solar umbrella, table/seating with non-solar umbrella, and table/seating only.

solar carousel workstation

If you are interested in implementing an outdoor classroom setup, then don’t hesitate to contact Sunbolt!

We offer financing options and can show you the various ways that other universities have implemented our outstanding line of products.