PRESS RELEASE: California State University, Long Beach

, PRESS RELEASE: California State University, Long Beach, Sunbolt

Students at California State University, Long Beach Get Sustainably Connected with Solar Table Charging Stations

Long Beach, CA September 2015 – The Associated Students, Inc. University Student Union Board of Trustees (USUBOT) and CarrierClass Green Infrastructure (CCGI) recently provided California State University, Long Beach (CSULB) with a new Sunbolt solar table charging station. Students are now able to enjoy the outdoor environment while charging their laptops, tablets, and smartphones.  The optimized system design incorporates high powered solar panels, a battery storage system, and attractive LED lighting to create an inviting gathering space with sustainable power on campus.

With many universities searching for ways to improve infrastructure to address student need for socialization and a demand for constant connectivity, the solar table charging station was a sustainable concept ready to emerge. “We were extremely excited about this idea that was brought to us by our Sustain U environmental subcommittee,” exclaimed Vanessa Mendoza, a fourth-year psychology major and former chairperson of the USUBOT. “At the time we began discussions about funding the project, our board was trying to figure out ways we could provide more seating and outlets for students who utilized the student union. This seemed like the perfect way to begin solving the problem in a sustainable and artistic way!”[1]

Additionally, University Student Union Interim Associate Director of Facility Operations, Pamela Lewis, stated that CSULB students, faculty, and administrators couldn’t be happier with the results. Lewis remarked that, while the table had only been installed for a couple of weeks, it already appeared to be “all the buzz” around the student union. “This is a great solution – helping us to give students something they needed while also bringing awareness to an issue that our generation must address,” Mendoza explained. “The more students we can engage and help to make environmentally conscious now, the better off the future will be for all of us.”[2]

About Carrier Class Green Infrastructure:

CarrierClass Group, LLC provides businesses with innovative, off-grid solar solutions. CCGI’s flagship product, the Sunbolt Café Table, has been engineered to reliably harness solar energy and provide truly off-grid charging for electronic devices nearly anywhere, anytime. CCGI offers the most high-quality, durable products that transform outdoor environments into modern, sustainable charging retreats. The hallmarks of all CCGI green power products and projects are exceptional design, engineering, architectural, and aesthetic standards. CCGI was founded in 2008 by infrastructure entrepreneurs Jim Innes and Ian Jones. CCGI’s background includes commercial solar power purchase agreements, project feasibility analysis and development, and turnkey implementation of commercial solar PV and solar thermal projects. Learn more at

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