University of Georgia, Athens, Installs ConnecTable Solar Charging Station by Herty Field

(Athens, GA August 2015) – Students and faculty at the University of Georgia, Athens, can now charge their phones, tablets, computers, and other electric devices while outdoors with the use of the newly installed Connectable solar charging station from CarrierClass Group, LLC.

With the aid of the Student Grant Fund and the Office of Sustainability’s Sustainable Infrastructure Budget, the University installed a ConnecTable across from Herty Field on UGA’s North Campus.

In today’s fast paced society, people need to stay connected. Now the students and faculty can charge their electronic devices outdoors, day or night, with the renewable power of the sun. The table allows for up to 150 hand held devices to be charged per day and the 225 amp hour gel cell battery allows the table to charge devices even with up to three days of inclement weather.
Kevin Kirsche, the University’s director of sustainability, explains that the University “wanted something that embodied the culture of sustainability with a visible, tangible display of a renewable energy solution to an everyday need.”

Although the table has just been recently installed, its popularity is quickly growing as students discover the benefits of being able to work outdoors while their devices charge. “It’s the best thing that could happen. I hope they do more,” exclaims Guillermo Sanchez, a postdoctoral scholar. “It would be good to have three or four stations.”[1]



About Carrier Class Green Infrastructure:

CarrierClass Group, LLC provides businesses with innovative, off-grid solar solutions. CCGI’s flagship product, the ConnecTable Café Table, has been engineered to reliably harness solar energy and provide truly off-grid charging for electronic devices nearly anywhere, anytime. CCGI offers the most high-quality, durable products that transform outdoor environments into modern, sustainable charging retreats. The hallmarks of all CCGI green power products and projects are exceptional design, engineering, architectural, and aesthetic standards. CCGI was founded in 2008 by infrastructure entrepreneurs Jim Innes and Ian Jones. CCGI’s background includes commercial solar power purchase agreements, project feasibility analysis and development, and turnkey implementation of commercial solar PV and solar thermal projects. Learn more at

For Press Information:
Tanya McTaggart
V.P. Marketing
[email protected]


[1] Shearer, Lee, “UGA gets a little more solar—with a picnic table,” Online Athens, (accessed 10/9/2015).

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