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On behalf of the Sunbolt team, we hope you are all safe during these extraordinary times. We are greatly concerned about our families, employees, customers and communities during this pandemic and have made modifications to our products to address safety and social distancing measures.

Updates to Our Products

We have updated our solar workstations to address COVID-related considerations:

  • Two additional benches or stools are included with each workstation at no additional cost.
    Our solar workstations come with 2 benches that seat 2 people each. To enable proper social distancing, we are including 2 additional benches or stools to insure the number of seating positions is not limited. These are included with every sit-down workstation at no additional cost.

The following amenities are also available at no additional cost:

  • Hand Sanitizing Dispensers
    Each workstation has the option of including a hand-sanitizing dispenser that will be attached to the mast of the workstation. Sanitizer liquid is not included. You can choose touch-free or push-activated systems.
  • Acrylic Partition
    Each workstation can be fitted with a table top-mounted 30” tall acrylic partition. Please see the image below for an example of how this partition is installed. These partitions can be easily detached if necessary.

The images below show the workstations with proper (social distancing) seating and added amenities.

CampusXL Layouts
CampusXL Solar Workstation with proper (social distancing) seating, additional bench, and acrylic partition. ADA Accessible.
Momentum Layout
Momentum Solar Workstation with proper (social distancing) seating, additional bench, and acrylic partition. ADA Accessible.
Velocity Solar Workstation with proper (social distancing) seating and additional benches.


All Sunbolt products have been discounted effective June 1, 2020 for the duration of COVID-19. Orders for facilities employing essential workers have been deeply discounted.

Production and Delivery

Our production and delivery timelines have not been significantly affected during the pandemic. If we anticipate delays in our fulfillment timelines, we will inform those customers who may be impacted.

For Existing Customers

With the growing number of employees and students working outdoors, it is important to clean and sanitize all visible surfaces of your workstations using a disinfectant…focusing on the high-touch surfaces: outlet covers, table tops and benches.

Information on how to clean and disinfect our products

Sunbolt workstations are easy to clean and sanitize. Please refer to this resource from the CDC: How to clean and disinfect.

Our team is available to answer any questions you may have about suitable cleaning and sanitizing products for workstation surfaces and solar panels.

For Our Employees

The Sunbolt office and warehouse is open and operating under the guidelines of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. We have ensured that our employees are provided with the necessary PPE and are following social distancing guidelines to keep them safe.

Increased Sanitization

We are following the guidance of the CDC in employing the mandated sanitation procedures in our facilities. These procedures emphasize meticulous cleaning and disinfecting of frequently touched surfaces as the most important measure of prevention.