Rethinking Solar: Outside the Grid Solutions

, Rethinking Solar: Outside the Grid Solutions, Sunbolt

By now everyone has heard of solar energy. It’s one of the top sustainable tools for residential properties, corporate campuses, and universities worldwide. While solar panels on the roof are the most common use, there are many other ways to seamlessly integrate solar energy into any property. Take a look at some of the more out-of-the-box/grid solar solutions:


Solar Car Station – For the many users of electronic vehicles, solar car charging stations provide a practical and sustainable method of “refueling.” Commonly found in general parking areas, these stations also provide good shelter from the rain or snow, and are a great place to get some shade during the summer months.

Solar backpacks – A mobile option great for hikers and other outdoorsy types, solar powered backpacks provide on-the-go energy. While not as powerful as fixed panels, the energy contribution made is still very valuable, especially in emergency situations.

Solar Charging Tables – Solar charging stations, like the Sunbolt provide an outdoor workspace, social gathering area, and a sustainable charging zone. These stations are great for students, businesses, and parks, allowing users to plug in phones, tablets, and laptops.

Mobile charging devices – Tired of having your phone battery die when you need it most? A mobile phone charger might be an option for you. It can be charged via solar, or via grid/electrical energy, and provides you with the perfect, miniature charging resource.


With technology changing every day, it’s safe to say the capabilities of solar will only continue to grow. We encourage you to think beyond just “a solar panel on every roof” to see what possibilities lie in other applications of solar energy. A greener, more sustainable future depends on it.