Solar-powered workstations charge laptops and devices at LANL

, Solar-powered workstations charge laptops and devices at LANL, Sunbolt

Three solar-powered workstations are helping Los Alamos National Laboratory staff to charge their devices — sustainably. LANL’s Utilities & Institutional Facilities Division’s Sustainability Program installed the workstations late in fall 2020.

Each workstation is equipped with four 120V outlets and eight USB ports, perfect for employees to charge their laptops, phones, and other devices — all while enjoying the gorgeous Los Alamos scenery. On a sunny day, one workstation can provide 75-150 full phone charges. 

These solar workstations offer a creative approach to sustainability, providing staff with an outdoor work and recreation spot and harnessing the power of the sun.

The outdoor workstations also come with an additional benefit during the time of COVID-19: they offer an easy, enjoyable way to social distance for safety.

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Photo of LANL installed solar powered stations for outdoor lunch and work outside of their Otowi building and Wellness Center by LANL.