Earth-Day Solarbration 2024 Grant List

, Earth-Day Solarbration 2024 Grant List, Sunbolt

In the realm of education, where the focus on sustainability and renewable energy is gaining momentum, there is an incredible opportunity for schools to equip students with hands-on experiences that shape their future. 

Solarbration events and festivities play a crucial role in creating awareness and enthusiasm for solar energy initiatives within schools and communities.

Through Solarbration grants, K-12 schools across the United States are encouraged to embrace solar energy and revolutionize the learning experience.

This blog will explore some of these various grants, its inspiration for Sunbolt’s innovative STEM Solar product line, and the exciting opportunities it presents for schools nationwide.

Solarbration grants offers vital financial support for schools to implement solar energy systems into their STEM program, while adding solar power to their facilities. These grants create dynamic learning environments where students engage with renewable energy firsthand.

With remote monitoring capabilities mandated by the grant programs, students gain access to real-time data on energy production, consumption patterns, and environmental impact.

This interactive approach offers a deeper understanding and engagement with sustainability concepts, empowering students to become stewards of our planet’s future. Solarbration grants are not just a funding opportunity; it is a celebration of solar power used to enrich the minds of students and educators alike.

Schools will embark on a journey of exploration and discovery, where classrooms become laboratories and rooftops and solar canopies become beacons of sustainability.

Knowledge of these celebrations inspired Sunbolt to create a new line of STEM Solar products, equipped with external gauges that provide voltage and amperage readings, alongside other advanced specifications.

These innovative tools go beyond traditional solar installations, offering a comprehensive educational experience. Students not only monitor energy production but also analyze system performance, conduct experiments, and explore the broader implications of renewable energy adoption.

With Sunbolt’s STEM products, classrooms become hubs of innovation, where curiosity thrives, and students develop the skills needed to tackle real-world challenges.

Sunbolt is taking their commitment to sustainability one step further by launching an annual contest. This contest invites schools and other educational entities to write a 250-word essay detailing how a Sunbolt product can help their efforts to teach students about solar energy.

The winner, chosen every Earth month, will receive a donated Sunbolt STEM product, furthering the reach of solar education and sustainability initiatives.

Here is a list of the top ten grants schools can use to fund solar energy projects as well as educate students about solar energy.

, Earth-Day Solarbration 2024 Grant List, Sunbolt

1.  Renew America’s Schools: Funded by President Biden’s Bipartisan Infrastructure Law (BIL), this program aims to promote clean energy improvements in K-12 public schools across the country. The first round of funding in 2022 invested $182.5 million in public school districts across America.

This grant aims to help school communities make energy upgrades that will decrease energy use and costs, improve indoor air quality, and foster healthier learning environments. Applications are now open for the second round of funding. Submissions are due by June 13, 2024. For eligibility requirements visit here.

2.  Modernization Funding for Schools: California offers solar-friendly programs that schools can capitalize on. These grants can support schools in implementing solar panel energy projects.

3.  Ohio’s grant for schools: The U.S. Department of Energy just announced the second round for the Renew America’s Schools Grant Program to make clean energy improvements in K-12 public schools in Ohio. This grant will give schools in Ohio access to funding add renewable energy products to their facilities.

4.  Solar for Schools in Minnesota: As of May 2023, K-12 schools in Minnesota are eligible to apply for grants through the program. In the first year alone, 63 Minnesota schools received grants to install new solar energy systems.

5.  Illinois Clean Energy Community Foundation: The K-12 Solar Schools program offers grants to support the installation of 1 kW photovoltaic (PV) systems throughout Illinois. Grantees receive assistance to coordinate system installation as well as curricular support.

6.  NC GreenPower Grant: NC GreenPower provides grants for solar educational projects at K-12 schools. These grants include a 3-5 kW solar array, a weather station, data monitoring, and a STEM curriculum from  The NEED ProjectAny North Carolina K-12 school can apply for this grant to cover installation costs and receive $14,000 in related benefits.

7.  Solar on Schools – Couillard Solar Foundation: In partnership with the Midwest Renewable Energy Association, Solar on Schools aims to subsidize solar installations on Wisconsin’s public schools. Schools can receive up to 50% of the panels required for the solar project.

The Solar on Schools grant provides public WI K-12 schools and colleges access to  an in-kind module grant, valued up to $20,000. Applicants are eligible to apply for one grant per district installing solar. Grant applicants must demonstrate project development and the ability to install their PV system within 12 months of being awarded the grant. Schools can apply online through the link below.

8. Solar for Students Program: Dominion Energy’s Solar for Students program provides participating public schools a 1.2 kW solar system, educational materials, and training for educators. Solar installations must provide data monitoring, and a STEM curriculum from The NEED Project.

9.  Ohio State Energy Partners grants support innovation: OSEP provides grants for various initiatives, including advancing access to STEM education. While not exclusively focused on solar, these grants support innovative projects related to energy efficiency, sustainability, and education. For other sustainability grants in Ohio visit here.

10.  E2 Energy To Educate Grant: Constellation, the nation’s largest producer of carbon-free energy, offers the Energy to Educate (E2) grant program. This program provides funding for student projects focusing on energy innovation. Educators and students in grades six through 12 can apply for program grants of up to $25,000, while those in two- and four-year colleges can apply for grants of up to $50,000.\

, Earth-Day Solarbration 2024 Grant List, Sunbolt

Sunbolt’s products are ideal for schools to enhance their solar education initiatives. From solar-powered charging stations to outdoor classrooms equipped with solar panels, schools can leverage the grant to create a learning environment with endless possibilities.

Possibilities that empower students to become leaders in the transition to a brighter, more sustainable future. Together, we celebrate the potential of solar power to enrich minds, inspire innovation, and shape a better tomorrow.

Interested in learning more about how schools in your area participate in solar initiatives, visit Solar for All Schools by Generation180.